New Print Update, Old Print News

Spot Color 1Hi Everyone! I wanted to take a few minutes to throw a few updates and some news out there.

First, my new piece is coming along quite nicely. The spot colors are done and I’ll begin pulling prints this weekend. This means that hopefully I’ll be able to release my next print in early March. If you want to keep an eye on the progress, I’ll be updating my Tumblr with pics and updates between now and when it is officially announced. My Tumblr is also linked to the Facebook page, so if you’ve liked wgboydart on Facebook then you’re all set!

The second piece of info I want to share with you today is about Monochrome Malaise. Back in December, two prints were marked as gifts and sent to blogs/sites that were instrumental in getting the word out on my first print. They were a token of appreciation and a thank you to the influential supporters of my work. One of the sites that treated me extra nice and received a print was

In a turn of good karma, is using the print in a site giveaway! The details are on the site. If you’re still looking to get your hands on a Monochrome Malaise and those eBay prices aren’t working for you, this may be a great opportunity to score a print.

Thanks everyone!