Moos Like Jagger

Hello friends. I’m happy to announce my sophomore print is complete.

Moos Like Jagger is what happens when you’ve got an overplayed song stuck in your head while driving past a farm. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, this piece comes to you in three pop colorways and varying edition sizes. The print will be available on my store page on March 20th at 3:00pm EDT.

For my friends around the world, the drop is at 3:00PM my time EDT. We’ve got that strange thing called daylight savings here in the US… So check out this link to be sure you have the right time.

Example: the drop time in London is 7:00PM, not 8:00PM.



Edition Details

Title: Moos Like Jagger
Edition: 20 Orange
22 Blue
25 Pink
8 Gray HPM

*Note: Due to an oversight in the initial count, the published edition numbers were changed from 25 blue to 22 blue and 23 pink to 25 pink on 3/11/12.
Colors: 6
Dimensions: 20″ x 16″
Paper: 100# French Speckletone
Release: March 20, 2012 at 3:00pm EDT
Price: $25.00
Shipping: $10.00 USA / $15.00 International

There is a limit of 1 print of each colorway per person/household.

This means:

  • Yes, you can purchase one of each colorway to make your own set.
  • Yes, I will do my best to match numbers if you purchase more than one colorway.
  • Yes, I will combine shipping if you purchase more than one colorway.

Moos Like Jagger Close Up by WGBOYD


The Gray HPMs & Sets

There will be eight unique editioned gray HPM variants also dropping on Tuesday, March 20th at 3:00pm EST.

Six HPM prints will be made available for purchase individually. Two of the eight will be sold as part of a matching numbered set of all the colorways. HPMs are individually priced at $45.00 each.

Bundled Moos Like Jagger Matching Number Sets

I have received several messages requesting a one-click purchase option for matching number sets. As someone who enjoys sets myself, I am honoring the sentiment. There will be four matching number sets of the three colorways available at the drop and priced at $75.00. In addition, there will be two matching number sets of the three colorways with a grey HPM bundled and available at the drop for $120.00.

My store page will be updated soon with the individual entries for the HPMs and the sets.

Those who purchase their own set or pairs by putting together multiple orders are welcome to do so and I will extend every courtesy I can in order to match numbers and combine shipping into one tube to save on shipping costs. I cannot promise that I can accommodate every combination, but I will do my best.

Moos Like Jagger HPM


Process Pictures and Close-up Shots
Visit my tumblr blog for detail pics and a photo set covering the printing process of Moos Like Jagger.

Moos Like Jagger Orange by WGBOYD

Moos Like Jagger Orange by WGBOYD

Moos Like Jagger Orange by WGBOYD

Note: Prints in hold-up photos above have not yet been trimmed to their final 20″ x 16″ dimensions.

HPM Images