A Portrait of Capitalism

A Portrait of Capitalism - Green by WGBOYDA Portrait of Capitalism - Burgundy by WGBOYDA Portrait of Capitalism - Gold by WGBOYD

A Portrait of Capitalism by WGBOYD

A seven-color handmade and hand embellished 18” x 24” serigraph on 80# French Paper Co. Speckletone cream stock.

Available in three colorways, defined by background color:

  • Green edition of 20 priced at $30.00 USD + S&H
  • Burgundy edition of 10 priced at $40.00 USD + S&H
  • Gold edition of 5 priced at $50.00 USD + S&H

Prints will be released onine at http://wgboyd.com/drop on Thusday, July 5th at 3:00pm EDT.

Every A Portrait of Capitalism print features a hand written name tag inked with Sakura archival blue ink, making each print moderately unique.

Please note: Images do not reflect final trimmed print dimensions. After trimming, print will have a 1/2″ cream border outside the printed black border.

Artist Statement

A Portrait of Capitalism – June, 2012

Here we have Charles Ponzi Capitalism; he’s looking back at you with an empty gaze and very full pockets.

During the summer of 2011 I had an email exchange with the artist Aelhra around the time that his LIE series began. Through that conversation I was turned on to “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. It was also during that summer that the Occupy Movement began to take shape. While following its evolution on Facebook, I was introduced to commentary by Richard Wolff, an Economist with roots here in New England. I was struck by the perspective, sentiment and criticism of both men regarding modern Capitalism.

The economy is complex. I’m not an expert and don’t understand a lot of it. But what I do know is that I have is a gut feeling about it… and like many, it’s not a good one. My new serigraph titled “A Portrait of Capitalism” is an interpretation of that feeling.

A Portrait of Capitalism - Gold by WGBOYD