September Update

Monochrome Malaise (WGBOYD) Cover of Sonic Switch - Tru Thoughts - Robert LuisHello Friends,

The summer is coming to an end here in New England. I’m happy to be able to turn the A/C off and enjoy the cool breezes that drift through the windows.

I have one significant announcement and of course I want to put the obligatory update out there on my next print.

Exciting news first!
Several months ago I was approached by U.K. record label Tru Thoughts regarding usage of my Monochrome Malaise image for the cover art on one of their upcoming releases. As a fan of house, deep house and funk in general, I was already aware of Tru Thoughts and flattered that they wanted to work with me. Releases on Tru Thoughs already feature work from Jeremy Geddes, Josh Keyes, Nick Walker, Dolk, Banksy and many many more great artists. I’m pleased to announce that a new “Sonic Switch” release from Tru Thoughts founder and the world-class DJ Robert Luis features Monochrome Malaise by yours truly. This exposure is wonderful and I’m sure those of you who took a chance on that premiere piece are gratified knowing that the piece continues to has a life of its own.

So what’s next?
After taking a little time out this summer, I’ve got a few films that should be back any day now from the printer. This will allow me to burn my screens and then get my next piece out. Mid October is my goal and the next one will be nicely priced and my first exploration at halftones in screen printing. My winter piece will bring me back to some graphic work and I think it will be very successful. There are also a couple commissioned pieces in the works… so I’ll get to it!